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1. Place a fresh Ngege on a cutting board (at a 45 degree angle) . Take a large kitchen knife and scrape off the scales. Cut the 's belly and remove all the contents. Rinse thoroughly in warm water.

2. Season the with a pinch of plain salt (no Sugar or any other variety spice just yet)

3. Heat a quart of oil in a flat pan till the temperature reaches 350 degrees F.

4. Place the in the pan and heat in oil till it turns a golden brown.

5. Cut onions, garlic and a teaspoon of oil into a hot sufuria (pan)

6. After the onions turn brown, open a can of tomato paste (Hunt's) and empty it into the sufuria.

7. Add three glasses of water to the broth. Add a little Cajun's seasoning, paprika and coconut milk.

8. Place each gently on the Sufuria and cover. Bring to a boil and remove after 30 minutes.

9. The is best served with Ugali (no salt please...-), Sukuma wiki, cabbages or any other vegetable.

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