Not actual product, just a photo of a glass of iced tea.

Description[edit | edit source]

A lemonade-slash-iced-tea beverage concentrate designed to be served by the glass, mixed with several parts water. This is designed to be on the sour side and only mildly sweet.

The "Number 9" refers to the nine tea bags used.

Ingredients[edit | edit source]

  • two (2) cups lemon juice
  • six (6) tea bags of standard black tea, preferably the ones that come with a bit of string and a little cardboard tag attached to them
  • three (3) herbal tea bags of any kind
  • 20 teaspoons sugar (or, if for example using a stevia or other sweetener mixture that is four times as sweet as sugar, five (5) teaspoons of sweetener)
  • slightly less than one (1) gallon of water

Directions[edit | edit source]

  1. In a one gallon / four liter jug combine all of the ingredients except the tea bags. It may be efficacious to dissolve the sugar or sweetener in a small amount of water before adding, possibly heating the water to aid dissolution.
  2. Using an office stapler staple the cardboard tags of the tea bags together so that they are firmly attached to one another. This step is strictly for neatness and ease of cleanup. If some of your tea bags do not have cardboard tags you might staple them to the ones that do. (Of course, in that case you would need to use staples that are safe for use with food.)
  3. The contents of the jug is a beverage concentrate. Serve by pouring a few finger's worth into the bottom of a glass and then fill the rest of the glass with tap water or bottled water as desired. The author's preferred mixture is approximately one part concentrate to three parts water, producing a sour beverage that is only mildly sweet.
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