Nyons olives

Nyons olive

About Nyons olive Edit

Olives have been staple and popular aliments in many cuisines since the beginning of time and cooking. The sizes, forms and colors of these fruits range from pale green to bluefish-black and from tiny and round to oversized and oval. There are also some rare species of purple olives, with shiny aspects and bitter tastes. The Nyons olives are original from France and they are represented by dry-cured in brine fruits. The olives are wrinkled and soft, with smooth pits and most of the times, they are covered in oil and flavored with various herbs, like thyme and rosemary. These olives can also be marinated in lime juice, with bay leaf, cinnamon, cumin, garlic, ginger, hot pepper, coriander or cumin.

The Nyons olives are served both simple, as a snack, in alcoholic drinks or they are integrated in various veggie or green salads, with spices and herbs. Besides these, the olives are used in the French cuisines as a filling for light sandwiches, made of white puffy bread and white cheese with lettuce.

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