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The octopus family is member of Octopoda order. Octopuses can be found in numerous areas in the ocean but they generally live around coral reefs. The octopus is very similar to a cuttlefish except it doesn’t have the two tentacles. The octopus’s eight arms have suction cups which help them attach on different objects. Unlike cuttlefishes or squids, octopuses have to shell or internal skillet. They have parrots-like beaks which allow the save themselves when they are in danger of being attacked by morays and other predatory fish. Octopuses live a short life approximately six months. After reproducing, males live a couple of mouths more while the females die in a very short period. Octopuses have three hearts: two of them have the duty of pumping blood through each of the two gills, while the third pumps blood through the body. The blood contains hemocyanin which gives the blood a blue color. The octopus has a very developed nervous system and it is one of the most intelligent invertebrates. Due to their sensitive arms they have ability of tasting what they are touching. Octopuses are fats swimmers probably because of their three hearts.

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