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Portuguese cooking is dominated by shellfish and seafood, mainly due to its rich coast full of abundant sea life. This recipe is one of the most classic dishes, Octopus cooked in red wine. It taste surprisingly gorgeous with young port wine. This dish is hearty and substantial, particularly with the potatoes, perfect for a nippy autumn evening.

Ingredients[edit | edit source]

Directions[edit | edit source]

  1. In a pressure cooker, heat the olive oil, add the garlic and onion and simmer.
  2. Add bay leaves and the raw octopus (cut into thick slices).
  3. Add red wine, stir, cover, bring to a boil and cook for 10 minutes on high heat.
  4. Boil the unpeeled potatoes, cool and cut into quarters.
  5. Add sliced leeks and sauté in olive oil.
  6. Season with salt, pepper and thyme.
  7. Thicken the wine sauce with a little cornstarch.
  8. Make a bed of potatoes and leeks and place the octopus on top.
  9. Pour the red wine sauce over the octopus and vegetables.
  10. Garnish with twigs of Thyme.
  11. Serve with young Port wine.
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