A variety of alternative ingredients that can be used instead of oil or butter in the preparation of foods. Substitute products exist with reduced fat and no fat and in different forms such as spreadable and liquid.

  • Fruit purées or applesauce can be used as oil substitutes for baking purposes. Add skim milk to applesauce or fruit-based purées for liquid cooking oil substitutes.
  • Butter Buds ® mixed to form a liquid, corn syrup, and cooking sprays may also be used as good oil substitutions.
  • Non-sticking cooking pans can be used in order to reduce or eliminate oil required for cooking.

Beans Edit

Substitute puréed beans for the amount of oil required in cakes. Black beans in chocolate cakes and butter beans in light colored cakes. Substitute half the amount of oil required in Brownies with puréed beans (keeping the other half of the oil in the recipe).

Beans are very high in protein and fiber, contain no cholesterol (in fact they help you lower your cholesterol). Using beans as a substitute will lower the G.I. (Glycemic Index) making recipes suitable for diabetics.

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For specific food oils used in cooking, consult the "Food Substitutions Guide" for suggested alternatives.

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