Description Edit

Afang soup. This is a very traditional African dish which can be easily made from local ingredients.

Ingredients required Edit

  • Meat, Kpomo and Stock Fish
  • A saucer of periwinkles
  • Some salt, knorr and pepper
  • dried crayfish and water Leaves
  • dried * afang or blended okazi Leaves
  • Little Offor to thicken

Description Edit

  1. You steam your meat, dryfish,kpomo and Stock fish with onions salt and maggi to taste.
  2. Then add a little water and cook well for 20 minutes
  3. You add your crayish, pepper and stir
  4. Then add the little Offor to thicken but make it very light
  5. Get another pot, dry the pot and pour in your red oil
  6. When the oil gets hot, pour your sliced water leave and fry till it is a bit dry to your taste.
  7. Pour the fried water leave into the cooked meat pot and stir, add your periwinkles and cook for 3minutes
  8. Then add the blended ukazi leaves and stir very well, cover and cook for just 1 minutes
  9. Your Afang soup is ready.
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