Opo squash

Opo squash

About Opo squash Edit

The opo squash is a type of squash characterized by a long shape in a pale green color. The inner flesh of the opo squash is white and firm and it deposits the seeds. The taste of this squash is mild, but at its maturity, the taste gets increasingly bitter (compared to that of the Indian Kerela Vegetable). This kind of plant is original from warm climates, such as in Europe and Asia. The opo squash has a taste which is very similar to zucchini’s taste. This specie of squash is a summer specie, but it is available all year, although it tastes at its best when it is consumed fresh, as it can not be refrigerated for a long time.

Due to its mild flavor, the opo squash is used for sautéing, stir-frying, or as a part of soups and stews. Still, another possibility is eating it raw, in salads. A famous recipe that includes the opo squash is the chicken squash, which includes chopped chicken breast, tomatoes, green beans, soy sauce, vinegar, fish sauce, sliced opo squash and mushrooms.

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