Orange roughy

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Orange roughy is a cold water fish which can be found all over the world, but mostly in fisheries in Australia. Orange roughy prefers cold, dark waters and they are found at depths of between 800 and 1500 meters. The dimensions of orange roughy can vary from 30- 40 centimeters and 0, 9 -1, 9 kilograms to 50 centimeters and 3, 6 kilograms. Orange roughy survive by feeding themselves with prawns, fishes and squid. The name Orange roughy comes from their color; orange roughy have a orange to red color both on the body and on the fins. This specie is recognized after the fish’s body form; orange roughy have a large head with two big and round eyes and the waxy stratum below the skin. Orange roughy are known to live a long life they can reach the age of 150 years and they begin to breathe after they reach the age of 25. Although they can be found all around the world swimming in depth waters, the largest quantity of orange roughy is in Australia where there were arranged fisheries where the under water terrain is arranged with hills and canyons.

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