Oyster mushroom

Name Variations Edit

  • tree oyster mushroom
  • pleurotus mushroom
  • pleurotte
  • abalone mushroom
  • abalone cap mushroom

About Oyster mushroom Edit

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The Oyster mushroom, or Pleurotus ostreatus, is a common mushroom prized for its edibility and lack of confusing look-alikes. It is related to the "king oyster mushroom". This specie of mushrooms are colored in white or light gray nuances with blue tinges and soft yellows. The odor is very specific, as it combines anise with freshness and earthy smell and the taste is mild, not too strong, but resembling to the oyster taste. These Mushrooms are always cooked and afterwards integrated in the dishes, through many preparation methods: stir-fried, deep-fat fried, braised or sautéed, with fish, as part of casseroles or with chicken dishes. Due to the fact that they have a taste similar to seafood and a consistent texture, the abalone cap Mushrooms can easily replace meat in vegetarian diets. Even more, this type of mushrooms has various nutrients – among these, the proteins are found in substantial quantities.

One of the moat popular dishes that includes this kind of mushroom is the Italian recipe of abalone cap mushroom carpaccio with truffle Dijon drizzle and Parmigiano reggiano, which is considered a delicacy and served as an appetizer.

Oyster mushroom Recipes Edit

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