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Steamed whole eel in black bean sauce

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  1. Clean eel with hot water, cut away eel's head.
  2. Circle-cut eel's body by a small knife, slightly 5 mm in depth, almost to the bone.
  3. Cut each 15 mm as one section, make many sections on whole eel's body.
  4. Marinate eel including head for 10 minutes by seasoning, coated by oil.
  5. Put eel into a flat-bottom steaming container, circle the eel's body.
  6. Put the eel's head into the center of eel's circle, steamed 10 minutes by high heat.
  7. Heat wok with 2 tbsp of oil, add in sauce (1), stir fry.
  8. Add in sauce (2), cook until boiled, add sauce onto the eel.
  9. Sprinkle chopped parsley and spring onion, serve.
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