Parrot fish

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Parrot fishes represent a subfamily of fish which is a part of Scaridae family. The subfamily includes approximately eighty species. Parrotfishes are tropical marine fishes which may be found on the shallow reef of the Pacific, Atlantic or Indian oceans. Parrot fishes dimensions vary from twenty centimeters in the smallest species to one meter and a half for the largest species. Their bodies are profound covered with large and thick scales, large pectoral fins and homocercal tail fins. The pectoral fins help them to move while the tail speed them up. Their body secrets a substance which help them mask their scent during the night in order to protect themselves from the predators. During the day they prefer swimming in waters no depth than seventy meters while the night they stuff themselves into cracks. Parrot fishes colors vary from bright blue, green, red to yellow, they can have multicolored bodies or single colored bodies. Parrot fishes are herbivore; they feed on algae and other organisms that live in the coral and the numerous teeth which they have help them to rasp algae from the coral.

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