799px-Plastic pastry bag

An inexpensive pastry bag, made of plastic film with a hard plastic insert and threaded, interchangable tips. Clockwise from left: Injection (for filling pastries, e. g. cream puffs), half-circle, fine round (facing away from camera to show threads), coarse star, flat, fine star.

Name variations Edit

  • piping bag

About pastry bags Edit

A pastry bag is a cone shaped bag that has two open ends. A variety of decorative tips can be attached to the small end. The large end is reserved for spooning doughs, whipped cream and fillings. When the pastry bag is squeeze, the bag's contents flow through the tip.

Pastry bags can be used to decorate cakes, form pastries and cookies and pipe decorative borders.

There are many different size and material options for pastry bags. Pastry bags can be made from nylon and plastic lined cotton or canvas, polyster and plastic. They are available for purchase at gourmet shops, supermarkets and the kitchenware section of most department stores.

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