About Patna rice Edit

The most popular grain all over the world is rice. Patna rice refers to a multiplicity of extended grain rices at first grown in India where it has been consumed as a staple food for many years. It was one of the initial types of rice cultivated in America.

Patna rice presents a long physical shape, just like basmati rice, both of them being part of the indica group of rice, that’s why patna rice has round edge to its length. It has a robust, lengthy and thin, dense grain that keeps its shape well for curries. This rice is quite solid, and because it is a lot and not expensive, it has a multiple uses like milling it into rice flours used in Indian tattered dishes such as bhaji. Rarely we can find patna rice outside of India, it can be found in the West, but only at an expensive price and only at Indian grocers. Patna rice is the most valued in United States and United Kingdom and is the most expensive rice in the grocery stores. It is a product with wonderful potential in world trade and that’s why Patna rice can be an enormous geographic indicator with marvelous export potential.

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