Patriotic Punch Picnic Pops

2 cups apple juice 4 cups strawberries, fresh or frozen 4 cups blueberries, fresh or frozen Blender 2 popsicle molds 12 paper cups 12 popsicle sticks

Whirl together 1 cup apple juice with strawberries in blender. Pour liquid into molds or cups, filling half full. Insert sticks and freeze for two hours. Whirl together remaining apple juice with blueberries in blender.

Add liquid to molds or cups that contain the strawberry mixture, filling to the top. Freeze for two more hours. When firm, remove from freezer, remove from molds or peel off cups, and serve.

Variations: Alternate the red and blue layers 4 times instead of 2 times. Add a white layer using lemonade or coconut juice.

Practical Tip: To keep sticks upright before the liquid freezes, cover each paper cup with foil and insert stick through the hole cut in the top.

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