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Pea eggplants

Name Variations[]

  • solanum torvum
  • bitter balls
  • Turkey berry
  • devil's fig
  • prickly nightshade
  • shoo-shoo bush
  • Wild Eggplant
  • susumba
  • boo
  • terongan
  • tekokak
  • berenjena cimarrona
  • berenjena de gallina
  • berenjena silvestre
  • tabacón, pendejera
  • bâtard balengène
  • moderate
  • friega-platos
  • sundaikkai (Tamil: சுண்டைக்கா)
  • makhua phuang (Thai: มะเขือพวง)
  • kwahu nsusoa (West Africa, Twi)

About Pea eggplants[]

The pea eggplants are species of the eggplant fruit, which come from the solanum family and have a much smaller size than the regular fruits. The scientific name for this unique berry which is consumed as a veggie is solanum torvum. The pea eggplants come in a sort of clusters – one cluster combines from 10 to 15 eggplants. These clusters have a similar aspect to the cherry tomato ones, which are also part of the solanum family. The name of these eggplants comes from their tiny size and the appearance – similar to peas. Still, these kinds of berries are not similar in taste with peas, as they have a much bitter taste. In many cases, these kinds of eggplants are also named Thai eggplants, as they are specific to this region, Thailand and they are integrated a lot in the local cuisine.

Pea eggplants have a sour flavor, which gets tender when it is cooked. The pea eggplants are used in recipes like curried pea eggplants or baked eggplants with sweet and sour dip.

Pea eggplant Recipes[]