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  1. Melt Peanut butter, butter, Sugar, salt, and milk over low heat, stirring often, or in Crock-Pot Little Dipper or fondue pot.
  2. Stir until mixture is smooth and caramel colored, adding more milk as needed to reach a smooth dipping consistency.
  3. If desired, add chocolate sauce and stir well.
  4. Continue heating until warmed through.
  5. Serve plain Peanut butter fondue with toast and jam sandwiches as dippers; chocolate-Peanut butter fondue is perfect for a variety of fruits as well as ice-cream, cake cubes, etc.
  6. My sweetie and I eat the first half of this plain, with toast and jam, then add only 1/4 cup chocolate sauce to the remainder for our dessert.
  7. Make this vegan by using margarine, soy milk, and vegan chocolate!
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