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Contributed by Catsrecipes Y-Group

  • Makes 15 to 20 appetizer servings

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  1. Melt 3 tbsp butter in large skillet.
  2. Add onion and garlic.
  3. Sauté until tender.
  4. Add chopped fresh spinach and cook over medium heat, stirring often, 3 minutes.
  5. Add artichoke hearts and next 4 ingredients, stirring until cheese melts.
  6. Spoon into a greased 2 quart baking dish.
  7. Bake at 350°F for 20 minutes.
  8. Stir gently.
  9. Combine remaining 1 tbsp butter, pecans and stuffing mix.
  10. Toss until blended.
  11. Sprinkle over top of artichoke mixture.
  12. Bake 15 more minutes.
  13. Serve spread with pita chips or French bread.
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