Peppper and Garlic Toasted Almonds

  • 3 Cups (about a Pound) Whole almonds

salt to Taste (sea salt) if You Like or Just Reg. salt.

Heat The oil, in a Heavy Frying Pan Over Medium-Low Heat. Put in The garlic, pepper And red pepper flakes, And Stir Them Around Until Well Distributed. Add The almonds And Stir

And Shake The Pan Until The Nuts Begin to Brown Lightly And Develop a Toasty-Niffy Aroma. Taste to be Sure They Are Roasted Enough. Drain almonds on Paper Towels, And Lightly salt The Nuts to Your Taste. Cool And Serve.

Frozen They Last For Months And Even at Room Temperature in a Sealed Jar They Will Keep For Two to Three Weeks.

David D. Vaughan


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