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In Romanian: Gogosari in otet in stil romanesc

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  1. Choose large peppers, wash and dry.
  2. Cut the stem and prick 4-5 times around the core with a knitting pin.
  3. Arrange in large glass jars.
  4. Set to boil the vinegar with the water, Sugar and honey (or replace honey with another 1/2 tablespoon Sugar).
  5. Add the bay leaves and juniper berries and let boil for a few minutes.
  6. Pour while hot over the peppers in jars.
  7. Pour gradually, with the ladle, so that the jar does not break.
  8. The jar must be wrapped in a wet cloth.
  9. Place a handful of washed tarragon on top of the peppers, cover the mouth of the jar with a dessert plate and let sit until the next day.
  10. The next day the vinegar level will have decreased so add some more vinegar mixture (prepared as before) to fill the jar.
  11. Leave for 2–3 hours and if still needed, add some more vinegar mixture.
  12. On the inside of the jar, just at the mouth, add two sticks to form an X.
  13. Tie with a double layer of cellophane and keep in a cool place.
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