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Perciformes or perch like fish has the principal number of species with the supreme diversity of any other order of fish. Of these marine perch the majority live in tropical coastal waters while many, such as the perch fish, can be found making their home in the coral reef areas. Yellow perch are also known as raccoon perch, ringed perch, Lake Perch, and redfin perch. The yellowish sides have six to nine dark vertical bars. The lower fins are amber to bright orange. Females are not as brightly colored as males. The largest yellow perch are found in open water areas of large lakes with fairly clear water. Important foods include immature aquatic insects, crayfish, snails, small fish, and fish eggs. Perch feed most heavily during daylight hours. They feed in the morning and evening, rest on the bottom at night. Perch are especially esteemed for their personal qualities which are a flesh that is white, flakey and delicious. Maximum age for this fish is about ten years. Growth is highly variable, depending upon the habitat. Their skin coloring is bright green to olive to golden brown on back; yellow-green, yellow on sides and grey to milk-white below.

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