== Ingredients ==

* 3 filets of Perch or some other kind of fish

* 1 butternut squash

* 1 big Onion

* 2 cups of rice

* 3 cloves of garlic

* 1 big green pepper

* 4-5 hot peppers

* 1 small head of cabbage

== Directions ==

# Chop up all ingredients.

# In a big pot, add enough oil to cover the bottom about 1/4 inch and heat.

# After the oil's hot, add the chopped garlic.

# Wait until it's brown (to flavour the oil) and then remove the chunks of garlic.

# Add the chopped butternut squash and let it cook for 2–3 minutes, and then the fish

# Then add the onions and keep stirring.

# Then add the chopped up green pepper and about 1/2 teaspoon salt.

# Mix in the pureed hot peppers and black pepper.

# Add 2 cups of water and then mix in the tomatoes.

# Stir in about 3 spoons of tomato paste and cover the pot.

# After coming to a boil sprinkle in 2 cups of rice and 2 more cups of water.

# Reduce heat to simmer.

# Add additional water and spices as needed.

# Add in the cabbage.

# Wait for the rice to do its thing, and you're all set.

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