Picholine olives

Picholine olive

About Picholine olive Edit

The Picholine olives are original from France and they are basically a type of immature olives, in a green color. The flavor of these olives is rather delicate and subtle, a bit salty and sometimes, these kind of olives are pickled in lime and canned. Due to all their properties, the olives, including the Picholine olives, are very efficient for the inside and outside health and beauty of the body, as their oil is the base for various cosmetics, as well.

The Picholine olives are used in French specialties, including cold appetizers, as topping for warm main courses and as salads or in garnishes. Sometimes, these kinds of olives are used simply for decorating salads and various meals. Besides these, the olives are used in the French cuisines as a filling for light sandwiches, made of white puffy bread and white cheese with lettuce. There is also the famous Picholine olive oil, with is very refined and delicate and used for many salads, as it brings a mild, yet full flavour to any meal.

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