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Esox Linnaeus, is a genus of freshwater fish, the only member of the pike family which is family Esocidae of order Esociformes. The type species is Esocidae lucius, the northern pike. The pike species are native to the Palearctic and Nearctic ecozones, ranging across northern North America and from Western Europe to Siberia in Eurasia. They have the elongated, torpedo-like form of predatory fishes, with sharply-pointed heads and sharp teeth. Their coloration is typically grey-green with a mottled or spotted appearance. The Pikes marking are like a finger print. They feed when hungry. The Pike feeds on a wide range of food sources. There primary prey is other fish. Including their own kind. They will also prey on insects and amphibians such as frogs. In times when food is scarce. Small birds such a baby ducks may become a target for hungry pike. They have extremely sharp and numerous teeth and for this they are carnivorous fishes. Their color is dark shades green, through olive green to brown on back and upper sides; lighter on lower sides; cream to milk-white on underside. They can grow till 28 or 30 inches with a weight of eight pounds.

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