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  • zander

About pike-perch Edit

The Pike-Perch is also known as the Zander and it is one of the most ferocious fish predators of its size. The Pike-Perch belongs to the Perch family and it has two dorsal fins that are spaced apart and it has fang-like teeth with which they attack the prey and then they use the teeth to carry it. Despite its name, the Pike-Perch fish is not a hybrid of pike and perch. The Pike-Perch can be found in the fenlands of East Anglia and mainly in Eastern Europe. This fish usually prefers deep and quiet waters where it can hide during the day and hunt in the nighttime or very early in the morning. The Pike-Perch spawns in February, leaving their eggs on plants, sand and stones. A few days later the hatchlings get out of the eggs and start living off the yolk sacks till they grow and they can feed themselves with small insect larvae and fish fry.

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