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  • Pinol is a powder used to make gritty drinks. The first time my American boyfriend tried it … lets just say its an acquired taste.

Most people in Nicaragua buy pinol already made. However, in the United States that is generally not an option. If you want to try making your own pinol, as I suspect only those longing for Nicaragua will: Start with an ear of corn and carefully remove the kernels. Try to remove the kernels whole, if they break and the juices escape the next phase wont work very well. Place the kernels on a single layer on a cookie sheet and bake until dry and shriveled but not burnt. Or use a food dehydrator. Grind the kernels to a powder. I hope you have a a mini food processor. Doing it by hand with a rock isn't fun but its definitely possible. I suggest you try a spice grinder, like the ones used for whole nutmeg. It should be ground to a fine powder. Add enough unsweetened cocoa powder to give it a brown appearance and mix. This powder is used to make a traditional drink in Nicaragua called pinolillo.

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  1. Add enough of this powder (about 2 inches in an 8 ounce glass) to coffee, milk, or even water to make it a dirty gritty brown. You may want to add some Sugar. Actually, if you are new to this drink you definitely want to add some Sugar. It may be hard going the first time, but you will learn to like it. Really.
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