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A bold combination of real meat and piri-piri is made tangier in taste, grilled to fine perfection, and served with rice on the side, since it usually has some red-hot zing on meat mixed with spices.



  1. Peel sweet potatoes, if desired, and cut into 1¼-inch cubes.
  2. Cook potatoes in lightly salted boiling water for 5 minutes or until slightly tender.
  3. Drain; cool slightly.
  4. Alternately thread the sweet potato, venison, and sweet pepper pieces on 4 long metal skewers, leaving a ¼-inch space between pieces. Brush with olive oil and sprinkle generously with piri-piri spice.
  5. Place kabobs on the lightly oiled rack of the grill directly over medium heat.
  6. Grill for 25 to 35 minutes or until sweet potatoes are tender, turning occasionally. Serve plain or with rice or fried rice on the side.

Nutritional Information[]

Servings: 2 skewers per plate