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The plaice, scientifically known as Pleuronectes platessa, is a member of the Pleuronectidae family. Plaice can be found mostly in all British coastal lines as well as eastern Atlantic coastal lines and it generally inhabits shell-grits and sandy bottom. This specie of flounder fish has a bright brown colored body with reddish spots and the bottom is completely white. The plaice has a laterally compressed body and it swims on one side. The plaices have their yeas on the right side on its head. Plaices have large mouths and the body is covered with small scales and the lateral line is vaguely curved just behind the gill openings. Plaices are small growing fish and they live approximately twenty to twenty five years. Their sizes vary from thirty two centimeters to forty five centimeters. The juvenile plaices feed on tiny aquatic plants while the adults feed on sand dollars, brittle stars, shrimps, marine worms and fish such as primarily capelin and launce. Although they spend the majority of time on the bottom of the ocean, plaices migrate at night in order to capture their prey especially capelins.

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