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  • Slivovitz

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Slivovitz (IPA pronunciation: /slivovɪts/) (Serbian: шљивовица or šljivovica, Slovenian: slivovka, Croatian: šljivovica, Bosnian: šljivovica, Macedonian: сливовица (or сливова ракија); Polish: śliwowica /ˌsʲli.voˈ; Romanian: şliboviţă; Bulgarian: сливова (slivova) or сливовица (slivovitsa); Slovak: slivovica; Czech: slivovice) is a strong, colourless alcoholic beverage primarily made of distilled fermented plum juice, though similarly to Irish poteen it is often home-distilled out of a variety of source materials, up to and including grass and other organic material. It is similar to brandy and sometimes called plum brandy in English. It is one of the liquors known in the Balkans as rakia.

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