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Pomfret fish is a part bramidae family and they can be found in the Atlantic, Indian and Pacific Ocean. Pomfret family contains eight genera and approximately twenty species. The most common specie of pomfret is silver pomfret, Chinese pomfret and black pomfret. Pomfret’s sizes vary from 27-33 centimeters for the silver pomfrets to sixty centimeters for the black pomfrets while the medium weight of pomfrets is approximately five hundred grams. Pomfrets survive by feeding themselves with macro zooplankton, salpids when they are adults while the juveniles feed on small crustaceans. Pomfrets have compressed bodies covered with small or moderate scales. The specie is distinguished from other species due to their small mouth with or without teeth in the jaw. Pomflets have a variety of colors depending on the specie such as black pomfrets which are evidently black, silver pomfret and others. These small pomfrets are usually the prey for bigger fishes. Some of the species in the pomfret subfamily have very long dorsal fins which help them to swim faster. The big round eyes help pomfrets to see better in the water.

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