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Pompano fish is a part of genus Trachinotus, Carangidae family and they can be found in warm water across the world. Jack fish is part of Carangidae family and they can be found in tropical and subtropical seas. Jack’s dimensions can very from thirty centimeters and five hundred grams to one meter and a half and forty five kilograms. Jack are insatiable predators and they usually travel and attack on schools. The predominant color of jack’s is silver but they can also have a yellowish color. Generally jacks feed on smaller fish. There are one hundred forty species belonging to jack’s family. Pompanos dimensions can vary from forty five centimeters and three kilograms to ninety one centimeters and thirteen kilograms. Pompanos generally live on the bottom of warm water and feed on small crustaceans such as shrimps and sandy fleas. There are numerous species of pompano such as palometa, great pompano and round pompano. There are species of pompano which are very attractively colored such as palometa which has a bluish color on top and a silvery color on the lateral.

This saltwater fish is found in waters off South Atlantic and Gulf States. Its succulent, fine-textured, moderately fat flesh has a mild, delicate flavor. Pompano is considered by many to be America's finest fish-one reason, no doubt, that it's so expensive. It's marketed whole and in fillets, both fresh and frozen. Pompano may be prepared by almost any cooking method. The most famous dish made from this fish is pompano en papillote, where it's baked in Parchment Paper with mushrooms and a Veloute Sauce.

Pacific pompano is a variety of Butterfish.

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