Serves 1


1          pc        Egg     

Poo Nim Pad Phong Ka-Ree 1-5-

5          gr        Yellow Curry Powder

2          gr         Pepper Powder

10        gr         Roasted Chili Paste

10        gr         Roasted Chili oil

20        gr         Carnation Milk

140      gr         Soft Shell Crab, (2 pcs) cut into pieces

15        gr         Flour

10        gr         Vegetable oil

15        gr         Garlic, chopped

50        gr         Onion, strips

20        gr         Celery, 2-inch strips

15        gr         Oyster Sauce

  10        gr         White Soya Sauce

15        gr         Spring Onions, slices

Celery leaves

Chili oil


Crack the egg into a bowl, add the curry and white pepper powder, chili paste, chili oil and carnation milk and whisk together, leave till needed.

Mix the crab pieces with the flour and deep fry at 190oC for about 3-5 minutes until crab is golden brown, remove and drain.

Heat a wok with the oil add the garlic and cook until fragrant, add the onion, celery and crab wok fry together, then add oyster sauce & soya sauce and egg mixture. Stir fry together until cooked then add spring onions and test seasoning.


Put onto serving plate, garnish with celery leaves and drizzle over chili oil.

Serve with Jasmine rice


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