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Porgy is a common name for the members belonging to the family Sparidae, known for small-mouthed fishes with very strong teeth that help them crushing the food of shellfish and crustaceans. This species is to be found in North America, New England and in many other places from the Earth. Usually they live in tropical and warm coastal areas, and especially in the Mediteranean Sea and Red Sea, as well as in the West Indies. The most common species are: migratory porgy, Pagrus pagrus, scup in New England, porgy in New York, and fair maid in the South. This species can reach 91 cm in seize and a weight of 4.5 kg. Near the Gulf of Mexico you can find porgy of 15-25 cm. Porgy is classifiec in the class Osteichthyes, order Perciformes, family Sparidae.

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