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Discover some lesser-known pork cuts and start to buy your meat in greater variety. Then you'll enjoy more versatile cooking.

Collar or neck end Edit

The collar of pork is used for a number of different cuts such as spareribs, chops, boneless steaks, diced pork and mince. The common feature of all the meat is that it's slightly fatty and therefore doesn't dry out when cooked for a long time. The cost of collar cuts is relatively low compared to other pork cuts.

Head Edit

The head is useful for making stocks and soups as it contains a large amount of bone. One use of the head that does survive is in making brawn. The head is boiled with herbs and seasoning, then the meat is cleaned off and refrigerated with the stock to make a loaf, similar to a terrine or pâté. If you were to buy the joint, it would be very cheap.

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