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A steak cut from the large end of the Short Loin containing meat from both the tenderloin (the most tender cut of meat) and the top loin muscle. This is one of the best and most expensive steaks.

Beef Porterhouse steak is a beef steak cut from the loin and consists of parts of two delicious muscles: the top loin and the tip of the tenderloin or filet as in filet mignon. The filet is very tender with a creamy, melt-in-you-mouth feel when cooked to medium-rare. The top loin, also known as ribbon steak, New York strip steak, or Kansas City steak, has a more fibrous texture and is full of rich beef flavor, meaning that it is a little more textured than the filet. The filet of the Porterhouse steak shouldn’t be cooked beyond medium rare or it may firm up. Porterhouse steak is mostly grilled and served with vegetable salads and it can also be pan-broiled. When preparing Porterhouse Steak whether it is grilled or pan- broiled it is important to trim any excess fat from edge of steak and spicy it with salt and pepper. Porterhouse steak is prepared at a temperature of about 125 – 130°F and it is preferable to be cooked either without oil or animal fat or whit olive oil in order to maintain its original taste. Beef Porterhouse steaks are one of the most well-liked steak cuts, possibly because it has a generous section of tenderloin.

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