Warty venus

Praire (Warty Venus) Clam

About Praire (Warty Venus) Clam Edit

Praire clam, also known as Warty Venus clam, is a small hard-shell clam and it is a member of the genus Mercenaria in the Mercenaridae family. Praire clams live buried in mud or sand and like other small hard shell clams they have equal sized valves. Warty Venus clams have a muscular foot positioned at the front end, which help them move. The head which is situated inside the shell is undeveloped. Praire clams don’t have eyes or antennas. The praire clams frequently called baby clam because of their small size have an average length of about sixty millimeters and they are have a yellowish shell. Praire clams survive by feeding themselves with algae and other vegetative organisms. Baby clams similar to other hard-shell clams never live their shell and due to the fact that the shell is quite hard it is very difficult for the predators to smash their shell. Praire clams which can be found off shore are collected and they are cooked. The delicate, smooth muscle inside of the shell is very delicious and it can be eaten raw or boiled.

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