Thais love seafood, especially prawns. Succulent, juicy prawns can be cooked in several ways, but the prawn curry has to be one of the most popular dishes in Thailand. Try making it yourself!

Prawn Curry - Chatrium Hotel Royal Lake Yangon (Emporia Restaurant) - Prawn Curry

Ingredients: Edit

Prawns 240gm

Peeled onion 50gm

Peeled ginger 5gm

Garlic 5 gm

Tomato 20 gm

Shan Nan Nan (coriander leaves) 5gm

Turmeric powder 5gm

Chicken powder 5gm

Chili powder 5gm

Salt 10gm

Fish sauce 5ml

Cooking oil 20ml

Steps for preparation Edit

1. Check your local market for fresh prawns. Look for medium-large size prawns, as this will make your curry tastier!  

2. Proceed to marinate your prawns by dicing onions and ginger. Mix these ingredients to your prawns and add in turmeric powder, fish sauce, chicken powder and some salt. 

3. The next step involves making a gravy sauce which you will be adding to your prawns later. 

4. To make the gravy sauce, sauté diced onions, ginger, garlic and add to a heated pan with oil. While being sautéd, add turmeric powder and chili powder. The quantity of chili powder can vary according to the person. If you want to make a spicy curry, add a bit more chili powder. 

5. Once the gravy sauce is done, add in the marinated prawns and let it cook for a few minutes. Add some vegetable stock later into the pan. 

6. Have some tomatoes cut into wedge shapes ready to be added to the dish. Wait approximately 5 minutes and then add the tomatoes followed with capsicum rings. Cook until well done. 

7. After it’s done cooking, serve in a bowl and add a few coriander leaves as garnish. 

8. Your prawn curry dish is ready to eat! Tastes best with some steamed white rice. 

Packed with Thai flavours, this Thai curry dish can also be found at a number of restaurants in the city such as at Emporia Restaurant, at Chatrium Hotel Royal Lake Yangon.

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