It is a Spanish influenced pasta recipe, with chorizo and prawns packed full of flavor. It’s always one of the first things we order when we are in Spain to bring a bit of the Mediterranean into your life. Prawn and Chorizo Pasta is quick and easy to make while still impressive enough to wow dinner guests with. You could enjoy this pasta prepared in numerous ways at high-end hotels and resort properties, but if you are a person who loves cooking here's a recipe that can easily be prepared from home with a little bit of culinary know-how.


·        Pasta of your choice                             150gm

·        Garlic, Sliced                                     1 tablespoon

·        Chili Padi                                             A pinch

Prawn & Chorizo Pasta edited

·        Capers                                                 1 teaspoon

·        Chorizo                                              6 Slices

·        Prawns, Slices and deveined       50gm

·        Olive oil                                          1 tablespoon

·        Tomato Sauce                                1 tablespoon

·        Harissa Sauce                                    1 tablespoon

·        Vegetable Stock                          150ml

·        Parmesan Cheese, Parsley, Extra Virgin Olive oil                to garnish

Method of preparation

·         Boil hot water in a pot. Add salt and olive oil. Cook pasta till al dente. Strain and set aside.

·         Heat olive oil in a medium hot pan. Sauté garlic till golden brown. Add in harissa sauce.

·         Add in chili padi, capers and chorizo and sauté in low medium heat. Lastly, add in prawns.

·         Add in vegetable stock and tomato sauce. Season with salt and pepper.

·         Add in pasta and reduce the sauce till it is semi-dry.

·         To serve, garnish with parmesan, parsley and drizzle of extra virgin oil.

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