A "Guard of Honor" is simply two racks of lamb that have been drenched, with the rib ends interlocked to resemble soldiers' swords. This is another special preparation of guar of honor that may require an advanced order from a butcher or the home cook can easily create it. Begin the guard of honor by completing the steps in "Preparing a Guar of honor" and then perform the following steps. Push two racks together to interlock the rib ends. Tie the racks between every second or third rib to secure the racks together. The guard of honor is fairly easy to prepare and makes an impressive dish for a special occasion. If the rib roast is in the form of a guard of honor or crown roast, remove any string used for tying the roast. With a sharp knife, simply cut descending between each rib. When cutting between the crossed ribs of a guard of honor, two single rib portions are carved at one time. For presentation purposes, all three versions of the rib roast are often brought to the table first and are then carved on a warmed serving platter.

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