Prickly pears

Name Variations Edit

  • Indian fig
  • Indian pear
  • barbary fig
  • tuna
  • cactus pear

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A pear-shaped fruit, also known as the cactus pear, that is produced from the tropical cactus plant known as the Prickly Pear cactus. The fruit begins as a flower, growing out from the cactus leaf pad or "paddle," and maturing into an oval shaped, sweet tasting fruit. The color of the flower will generally be the color of the fruit. The outer skin is tough and prickly, containing tiny sharp spines, thus the name "prickly." The spines are typically removed during processing if they have not fallen off as the fruit ripens. With a soft porous inner flesh, similar to watermelon, containing randomly spaced black seeds, this pear provides a melon or berry aroma with a sweet and mild flavor.

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