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1 batch


Prsurate (Holiday Season Drop Doughnuts)

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Place flour in large bowl (or on table) and into hole in middle, add gradually about a quart of hot water as you blend. Beating as you go, and sides are cleaned of batter, whip the batter thoroughly with the wooden spoon and add water until the mixture begins to ball. Continue whipping, as you gradually add the Sugar, brandy, vanilla, nutmeg, raisins and lemon zest (grated peel).

Lastly, blend in and whip 1/2 cup tepid water in which you let soak 6 teaspoons of dried yeast as you begin the recipe. Let batter stand (about 15-20 minutes) while oil heats. Heat about 1 1/2 quarts soy oil, or other light cooking oil, in pan at ideal depth of 2 1/2 inches. Whip the dough again. Have teaspoon and cup warm water handy.

When oil is hot enough (stops squeaking), take a small fistful of dough and squeeze upward a ball about double, filling the teaspoon that had been dipped in the warm water, then drop in hot oil. Continue, dipping spoon in water before scraping off the ball of dough, until your pan surface is nicely filled but not crowded. Take this opportunity to whip some more air into your dough. You'll find from time to time they have to be coaxed to stay turned. When both sides are golden brown, remove and let cool slightly before rolling in confectioners' (fine) Sugar to coat. They're best on cold nights between sips of your favorite whiskey ("rakija").

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