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Traditional German pumpernickel contains no coloring agents (such as molasses), instead relying on the Maillard reaction to produce the characteristic deep brown color, sweet dark chocolate coffee flavor, and earthy aroma. Loaves produced in this manner require 16 to 24 hours of baking in a low temperature (about 250°F or 120°C) steam-filled oven. They tend to have a much more intense flavor than the approximations provided by adding molasses, coffee, cocoa powder, or other darkening agents employed by many bakeries.

Other than in a few traditional German bakeries, most bakers eschew the long baking time for obvious economic reasons and, in addition to coloring and flavor agents, often add wheat flour (to provide gluten structure and increase rising) and commercial yeast (to quicken the rise compared to a traditional sourdough). The result is a loaf that resembles commercial rye bread with darker coloring. Many bakers also add a significant amount of caraway seeds, providing an alternate flavor that is now characteristic of many commercial pumpernickel (and light rye) breads.

Pumpernickel is often difficult to find in the United States at supermarkets and smaller groceries. When it can be found, it is usually packaged in small square loaves.

Pumpernickel loaves are almost always baked without a baking pan, resulting in a rounded loaf.

This German coarse sour bread is dark brown in color tastes similar to rye bread but it is made from rye floor and coarsely ground rye meal, often molasses for coloring, and by steaming slowly for 16 to 24 hours! instead of baking. Chocolate, coffee, artificial colorants if used, instead of molasses, spoil the flavour.

A coarse dark bread with a slightly sour taste. Pumpernickel is usually made of a high proportion of rye flour and a small amount of wheat flour. Molasses is often used to add both color and flavor.

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