Purple potatoes

Purple potatoes

Name Variations Edit

  • purple Peruvian potato
  • blue potato
  • black potato

About purple potatoes Edit

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Potatoes' skins come in the colors brown, yellow, pink, red, and purple (sometimes called "blue"). Their flesh may appear white or may reflect the color of the skin. The market calls the small types "fingerlings" or "new" potatoes, larger potatoes may class as "earlies" or "main crop", with the "main crop" referring to varieties that will store well.

The odd-colored meat adds a distinctive look to any dish. When selecting, then choose those that are firm and plump, avoiding those that have the shriveled skins, sprouting eyes, soft spots, blemishes and green spots. Store potatoes in a cool dry place. They will keep at room temperature for up to two weeks and longer whenever stored in cool temperatures. Do not store in the refrigerator because the cold temperatures will convert the starches into sugar and the potato will become sweet.

Purple potato Recipes Edit

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