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About Queen Scallops Edit

The queen scallop, scientifically known as Chlamys delicatula, is member of the Pectinidae family of the Ostreoida order. Queen scallops are usually found in southern waters from South Canterbury and Stewart Island to Sub-Antarctic Islands. The shells of Queen Scallops are frequently light purple on the outside while the inside is dark purple. Queen scallops are usually found in sandy substrates and they can also be found in waters of not more than thirty meters depth. Similar to all scallops, queen scallops have an adductor muscle which permits them to move quite fast. They have the ability of opening and closing their shell really fast when they feel that they are in danger. Their purple shell is highly regular and it has a round shape. Queen scallops have the capability of attaching to different substrates by a structure called byssus. Queen scallops are hermaphroditic, they start their life as males and they change their gender in time. They release spermatozoids and eggs in the water during the reproducing period. Queen scallops survive by feeding themselves with planktons.

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