Biscuits - Quick Feathery Southern

Preheat Oven to 500f.

Place flour in a Medium Bowl. Add shortening And Using Pastry Blender or TwoKnives, Cut in Until Consistency of Coarse Crumbs. With a Fork, Blend InJust Enough milk Until Dough Leaves Sides of Bowl.

Turn Out Onto Lightly Floured Surface And Knead 10 to 12 Strokes. RollDough Out 1/2-Inch Thick. Shape With 2-Inch Cutter. Bake on Ungreased BakingSheet (place Biscuits 1-Inch Apart For Crusty Sides or Almost Touching ForSoft Sides) Until Golden, 8 to 10 Minutes.

Variations: Increase milk to 1 Cup. Drop Biscuits by Tablespoon OntoGreased Baking Sheet or Fill Greased Muffin Cups Two-Thirds Full.


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