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About Raclette Edit

  1. A distinctly aromatic unpasteurized cow's-milk cheese from the French Alps region of Switzerland, similar to Gruyère or Gouda in texture, but distinct in its flavor which is both subtle and stinky all at once. Raclette cheese is excellent for cooking in that it melts well and adds significant flavor to a dish. It can be found in specialty cheese stores, some markets, and now can be ordered through online retail establishments as well.
  2. The term raclette is also used interchangeably for a dish consisting of a partial wheel of raclette cheese that is exposed to heat (traditionally an open fire) and scraped off as it melts. Mention of raclette can be found as early as the 12th century, when cow herders would carry the Raclette as sustenance for their campfire meals on cold evenings away from home. Electric raclette machines, or raclette grills, are the modern equivalent. Both fondue and raclette are considered to be culinary contributions by the Swiss, though, the French might contend this. The word raclette comes from the French word, racler, which means to scrape. It's served with a meat, or charcuterie, boiled potatoes, dark bread and Cornichons or other pickled vegetables. Today, raclette is no longer a peasant's meal to eat on a lonely night, but considered a highly enjoyable way to eat in a communal fashion, especially among the affluent and those that can afford the luxuries of cheese, wine and tea.
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Raclette Recipes Edit

Traditional Swiss Raclette

Serves 4

1 pound boiled potatoes
1 pound Raclette cheese
1/2 pound Bundnerfleisch
1 jar cornichons, baby French dill pickles
1 jar cocktail onions, baby French pickled white onions

Originally eaten by the fire with some stale bread, today’s standard traditional Swiss Raclette includes the addition of potatoes, charcuterie and cornichons.

Simply place Raclette Grill on your dining table and plug it in. Turn it on just prior to dining and cooking at the table.

Boil potatoes. Slice Raclette cheese into individual portions and bring to room temperature. Arrange sliced cured meats, like Bundnerfleisch or ham, on serving plate. Drain pickled cucumbers and onions and place in serving bowls. When potatoes are tender, drain and place on a serving plate with all the other accoutrêments.

Begin cooking meats on top grilling surface, and place a slice of cheese to melt in individual cheese trays below. Place a potato on your plate with some pickles. When meats and the cheese melted and browned to your liking, transfer to your own plate. 21:40, February 15, 2011 (UTC)

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