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The radish is a plant belonging to the Cabbage family and it is considered to be native to Asia and domesticated in the Mediterranean. It was first cultivated by the Egyptians in 2780 BC, by 500 BC it was grown in China, and by 300 BC it was grown in Japan. The Greek term for radish is raphanos while the Latin one is raphanus. Anyway, the English term derives from the Latin word for root, radix. Radishes are generally round, but they can be ovoid, cylindrical, or turnip-like shape and they can have different colours, from red or white to pink, purple, and black. Nevertheless, the core is almost always white, even though there are radishes with black and white stripes or red, green, purple, or fuchsia. Radish greens can be eaten as well, being used in a variety of dishes, including raw in salads or in blended drinks. As for the nutritional value, radishes are relatively low in calories and dietary fibre but rich in potassium, folate, and vitamin C. Radishes are indicated in relieving indigestion and flatulence, as it also represents a good expectorant, containing sulphurous compounds with anti-cancer properties, and salicyclates.

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