Rangpur lime

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  • lemandarin

About Rangpur lime Edit

Rangpur (Citrus × limonia) is a hybrid between the mandarin orange and the lemon. It is a citrus fruit with a very acidic taste and an orange peel and flesh.

Rangpur limes are generously filled with delicious juice. Rangpur lime is native to Bangladesh but now is flourishing in Southern California. The Rangpur lime, Citrus limonia, is not actually a true lime, but its tart flavor is an excellent substitute in recipes using lemons or limes. Botanists claim the Rangpur is a cross between a Mexican lime and a mandarin orange, but in reality according to experts, this orange-colored fruit is really a sour mandarin. This very special citrus fruit offers a tart acidic complex flavor. This fruits are easy to peel and the rich deep orange pulp contains many seeds. One medium rangpur lime contains about twenty calories, plus carbohydrates, dietary fiber and vitamin C in order to provide a healthy juice. The tasty zest is used to prepare marmalade and is salads fruit but also is used to prepare tasty punch. The nutritional characteristics of broccoli were often “advertised” in health and fitness related media outlets. Raw lime is often consumed as such, although different cooking methods, like steaming or boiling, are also available. The high count of C vitamin and fibers is accompanied by the glucoraphanin compound, which is closely connected to sulforaphane, an anticancer compound.

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