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About Ray's Bream Edit

The scientific name of this species is Brama australis and has a size of 35 cm, having a rapid initial growth, reaching 40-50 cm in almost 5 years, with little increase in length after this time. It has been noticed that the maximum age observed at this species is 25 years. In New Zealand waters little was known concerning the biology of Ray's Bream. The most important places where this fish can be found are: the east coast of the North Island, particularly in the Bay of Plenty-East Cape, as well as South Island. It is considered that this species called Ray's Bream come from a wide-ranging single stock found throughout the South Pacific Ocean and in southern Tasman Sea. Brama australis is very difficult to be distinguished from external features. Anyway, had a wide distribution as it is a highly migratory species.

Sea bream Recipes Edit

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