Razorshell Clam

About Razorshell Clam Edit

The most famous West Coast soft-shell clam, the razor clam is so-named because its shell resembles a folded, old-fashioned straight razor. It's best when steamed.

Razor shell clam refers to each mollusc belonging to the genera Ensis and Solen. Razor clams are part of genus Mercenaria and Merceridae family. Razor clams have thin; extended shells which are similar to an old-fashioned razor handle and the shell are very attractively colored. Razor clams have the ability of moving faster then other mollusks and they can bury faster into the sand or into sand and then are quick swimmers. There are numerous species of razor shell clams but the most common is the Atlantic razor clam which is a medium size clam with the medium size of twenty five centimeters. Razor shell clams survive by feeding themselves with marine algae including diatoms and flagellates and they are eaten by sea stars, crabs, fishes and birds. The muscle inside the Razor shell clam is thin and it may reach a length of twenty centimeters. The two parts of the shell are always open because the body and siphons are too big to be stay inside. The Razor shell clam is different from other clams because of its lack of teeth.

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